It's your business, What to you want to accomplish? How about a platform that is growth driven?

Know the purpose and intent of your website visitors and just maybe you can connect with them.
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Inbound Marketing | For business owners, the most important personalization I can do is to adapt relevant content to fit the customer lifecycle.

By customer lifecycle, I mean all of the stages individuals go through when they're weighing a purchase decision. People begin with needing exploratory information on the field, then progress into more and more specific questions related to your product and company. After someone purchases and becomes a customer, his or her content needs shift again.

The beauty of good website design platform that grows with your company (weekly, monthly, yearly) is that things change quickly, and those who move quickly to market changes reach their audience a lot quicker.

Today, people tend to pride themselves on making “rational” decisions, carefully analyzing all the available information before determining the best choice.

But, like it or not, people subconsciously make purchasing decisions
based upon emotion and then rationalize the purchase by coming up with explanations for the decision after the fact.

A good website walks people towards their quest, some leave (because they aren't the target market) and others dig in moving forward towards actual connection with your business.

Hire a standard website design company and well, you are stuck with a static site that is tough to update and takes up too much time / not reaching and connecting with your target audience.  Who wants that?

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Every good website brings value to the bottom line

Every visitor has the need that they want to connect, and so does your marketing copy.  We test every bit to see what connects and what gets glossed over.  If the analytics tell you that your website isn't connecting, shouldn't you challenge the people that are maintaining it?

Customizing content over time brings value to that bottom line.  From here, having a platform that grows weekly, monthly, yearly as your marketing spend becomes a strong marketing asset.   

The vision that I have for my clients involves making quality connections with their target market, pulling them in, education, motivation, and of course selling products and serices that matter.  Do the work that matters, the work that aligns with business objectives and is measurable, trackable, and delivers value to you.

Douglas Sherwood Tru-Market PSC

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The first personalization a website needs is the customer lifecycle as mentioned above

Every website visitor brings with them a certain amount of information when they land on a site -- it's kind of like a digital footprint. From the moment someone arrives on your site, your analytics can recognize the device they're using, the channel or site from which they came, and their general location based on the IP address associated with their computer.

By emotionally engaging with your audience—whether it is through storytelling, using compelling text-copy or persuasive imagery, marketers improve their chances of converting buyers emotionally, so that they will rationalize their conscious decisions to meet their subconscious decision.

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Delivering on those tactics takes a platform, then a solid website

Building that platform / website is more than several meetings and 'here you go'. In order to achieve sustainable profitable results (remember, your website should function as an investment, not an expense), there are several key factors in order to engage, connect, and convert your visitors to paying customers:

  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Action plans, follow through
  • Analytics (measure, track, improve)
  • All are very important (but not limited to) and happen on an ongoing basis, if you hire the right agency.

From here, now you have an agile site that represents value to your target market, weeds out the tire-kickers, and pulls in your sales because those people believe that you and your company understand them.  Easy? No, worthwhile, absolutely.

The second major personalization feature you should implement is based on what topics are most relevant to certain types of people. This is the strength of a website redesign / COS platform. In a world of hundreds upon millions of search results, how do you appeal to everyone?  You don't.  Focus on your target market.
You can get a sense of what's interesting to each individual viewer by keeping tabs on their viewing history. This is when the changes lead to improved results.
We live in the age of data, those who use it to make business decisions / corrections are the ones who understand ROI and stay ahead of their competition. Those who chase shiny objects will always be looking for the next 'thing'. Which one are you?

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