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10 Basics to Get Found | Website Design Must Haves

[fa icon="calendar"] Mon, Feb 04, 2013 @ 06:10 AM / by Doug Sherwood

Website Audit:  What matters this first quarter of 2013. Website designers do not like to be inbound marketing reportchallenged, they like to build and sell websites. This is an opportunity to tell your website designer that what was done is not working to increase search engine quality results (being on the first page for many search criteria). Go ahead, watch them re-sell you on how they are the best and why. Really?

Website Designers beware | Here are merely a few things that need to be challenged: 

(Remember, we are working on the premise that you want to get found in search engines, web performance leads to increased sales, business objectives obtained).

  1. Broken links
  2. Timeout errors
  3. Duplicate title
  4. Very big pages
  5. Duplicate content shared with another page
  6. Too many links
  7. Meta description is too long
  8. Image problems
  9. No alt text for pictures
  10. Multiple anchor text that do represent the pages intent / purpose

These are often simple, overlooked components of a website, Why? The reason is simple, they are easy to cover up as their are many more ‘shiny objects’ that will get an SEO expert the attention and revenue. Website designers want to build websites. Just pointing out facts, want more?

Way too often when we are looking into a prospective clients web performance do these things come up, well to the accountant and the CEO, these things lead up to missed opportunities with your target market.

I want business owners to know that 'out of sight, out of mind' leads to a long road travelled with less business, less interactions, less profits.

Do you have a system that monitors website performance? How accountable is that content management system?

When simple answers lead to changing the subject matter, then is the time to step back, slow down and really look deeper into who is doing the work? Is it being done at all. I would say that 85% of small businesses are not even looking for ways to improve their online performance....

Many of us business owners have years of working for a larger company,
Many of us know what the goal of middle management is. If you are reading this and know what I am referring to, well are you thinking about ‘self preservation’ over company growth?

Business runs on efficiency and effectiveness.  Industrialism increases efficiency, while making human connections with your target audience increases effectiveness. Too much has been put on the first in the last 50 years (yes, 50, leaner, meaner, profits, profits).

I know that business owners want quality efforts that yields higher results (profits), this internet reality has shown that every owner should be questioning their marketing spend  on a regular basis.

No longer do ‘feel good’ website designs cut it, look at the numbers, look at the human connections made (or not made) with your target tru-market, if web pages don’t answer the ‘purpose and intent’ business objectives....time to improve....soon, cuz your accountant wants to see, don’t you?

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Doug Sherwood

Written by Doug Sherwood

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