Who are we, what do we do, who do we target?

Longmont, Colorado is our home base.

  • Do you have a small business that is struggling to accurately position yourself online?
  • Have you tried other methods with limited success, is it hard to prove ROI?
  • Would you like to have someone with corporate experience and passion of building growth into your business?

We are a small, nimble internet business offering inbound marketing / consulting to small businesses that want to connect with a high level of accuracy and precision to their target market.

Building growth into your business is more than a good looking website, it is a plan that chases your business objectives. What do you want from your business?

Here are 4 key components in what we do for our clients:

  • Website platform development based on your business objectives, not a one size fits all provider.
  • Strong emphasis on content creation to pull in the specific target market that you find profitable based on historical data. Not once, but every week. Doing the work that matters, that makes results.
  • Closed loop analytical analysis that shows what is working and what needs fine tuning to maximize connections that are of importance, and to weed out the weak so that your sales team isn't wasting valuable time.
  • Build out new websites or use your existing site with a comprehensive business plan that covers objectives, tactics, timelines and necessary action items to reach your goals.  Yes, we are geeks with very specific checks and balances.
Inbound Marketing Colorado | Why am I good at what I do?  
  • 14 years of corporate experience involving training of physicians, buyers, wholesalers involved a lot of training in showing what I like to call the value proposition and why it matters.
  • Empathy and the ability to focus on specific personas, writing, creating through education, nurturing, and motivation that is tailored to your business objectives.
  • Passion to follow the analytics to the desired goal.  This is easy to say, hard to implement consistently, I've been doing this since 2010 with the HubSpot platform, it is proven and it works.

My name is Doug Sherwood, and after 14 years in the medical field (with much corporate training and leadership), an updated MBA experience (focused on today's marketing), I built Tru-Market with the emphasis on quality content and tools that are relevant to growing sales in today's competitive online marketplace.  

As a writer, blogger and website designer, my past experience in dealing with doctors, purchasing managers, HMO's, buyers and warehouse chains comes into play when developing messaging that is meaningful to your visitors of your website.  

Did you know that it takes 7 'touches' / conversations (on average) with a physician to get them to change their habits in treating patients? This level of training has proved enormously productive when developing content that converts visitors to paying customers.

  • I never knew how valuable this level of corporate training would be later in my career.  I wouldn't be able to deliver solid ROI to my clients without those important learning opportunities.  

Website design is important, and so is the content that is meaningful to pull in paying customers that build your brand to the level of trust you expect.  Be careful what you ask for, we have many tools that do get you there.

As a new resident of Colorado, I expect that we will be hiring in the next several months.  My customers are still active with us in Minnesota, so that level of trust has helped us keep our company moving ahead.  

Our target market: Small businesses that want to utilize their website as a educational, nurturing, and motivating tool to best connect with their best target market(s).  This includes the latest tools such as (but not limited to) content creation, SEO, blogging, whitepapers, eBooks, and webinars.  Our job is to move your business forward.

Inbound Marketing Colorado tip:  One final aspect that separates us from the others:  I take this very serious and with many companies, additional consulting tends to be the norm moving businesses forward.  So, don't be surprised if I ask a lot of questions regarding more than the website.  

Why?  Because your internal / external operations are very much aligned with online marketing, they should work together.  For example, your sales team should know of the tools online, how they are positioned so that when they are spending (expensive) time with prospects, they can show them valued content.  This works very well, reducing costs and improving closing percentages.  It all flows together when done correctly.

The internet is a great place to build quality that scales, if someone does the work properly, the market share will grow. The issue is that buying functions are constantly changing, if you don't measure, track and constantly improve, business will slowly decline, who wants that?

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Douglas Sherwood


As an inbound marketer with years of corporate experience, there is a passion that drives results vs. just doing your job.  At the end of the day it is intregrity that matters. 

Leaning into the business, being prepared and transparent does make this the greatest job in the world.