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We help you achieve your lead generation and revenue goals by executing successful inbound marketing initiatives.


Helping clients through inbound marketing is what we do. In order to make sure that there is opportunity where others rely on shiny tactics, we dig into the actual market, measure, track, and improve your footing in the industry as a leader.  

  • Are you frustrated that your website is not getting enough quality traffic, conversions and doesn’t tell the complete story.
  • Are you seeking to position your company as a thought leader in your specific industry?
  • Do you require an inbound marketing strategy to attract qualified prospects and lead them through the sales funnel weeding out the week, pulling in the strong.
  • Want better rankings in search engines for a competitive advantage.
    Don’t have time to keep up with their content, or are disappointed in your current content quality.
  • Do you have a complete system to manage your website, blog, social media, leads and analytics?
  • Want an business partner that you can work with and trust that has years of experience in growth and business development?

Only a few years ago, having a website was proof of your being professional. Not only is it expected to have one, it is the best marketing spend in terms of ROI, and connecting with your target market.  bottom line: The user experience determines the behavior.

No longer is it ‘good enough’ to have an online presence. Today, it important to have great content and great design. It doesn’t stop there, having a greater understanding of what your specific customers want once they have found your site is what will lead to increased connections and sales.

  • What is the most important ‘look’ for my home page?
  • I want a strong message for my visitors, what should that be?
  • I have an idea of the look and feel for my site, will you help shape that into a performance site? How will you track, measure, improve?
  • I deliver products & services, which ones should be first, second, third?
  • What is the best place for calls to action, offers, and forms for my target market?
  • How much emphasis should there be for social media, where is the best place to put them?
  • I like using video, where should that be?
  • I want people to fill out forms, sending me leads, do you know where they should be to give me good leads, while weeding out the ‘tire kickers’ just looking for price?

One size no longer fits all, the answers for these questions are going to be based on your internal and external factors of your business and target market.

Everything you / we publish (as businesses) on the internet is really an extension of ourselves. When we fail to provide value to our target market, they look elsewhere.  

Bringing in your potential clients (no matter if it is face to face or online) is all about starting / having a valued conversation.

Websites work for us 24/7, most people are enticed by builders that put the wow factor into their online presence. This is the easiest form to build a website, and probably the most profitable for the builder.

What do we do? We go beyond the wow factor, Why? Because business matters, it is about the people, it is about making quality connections. Think about more than creating feelings for the business owner, we think about reaching and connecting through proven tactics of inbound marketing.  The goal for every page and action is and should be to:

  • Manage the user’s feelings throughout their experience by giving them the information and signals they need to feel comfortable, and to understand how to reach their goals.

Inbound Marketing MinnesotaOne very good reason why we test, and test some more:  When a web page delivers that small portion, and the whole website operates on those signals pulling in a very specific target market (person), then you have an experience that moves the visitor to a lead, and a lead to a paying satisfied customer, who delights in their situation that someone listened, someone cared and they came at their own pace…finding exactly what they were looking for, a quality vendor that understood them and their problem / situation and had an experience waiting for them.

User experience is a buzzy word when talking design, looking pretty and/or having the right ‘feel’ is important (and most website designers will pitch that to appeal to your inner self), it doesn’t stop there. 

Listed above are only a few of the questions necessary for a good website redesign.  If you want to answer these questions with your business objectives in mind, we want to talk with you. Performance matters when it comes to design, copy, content, and strategy.

  • Do you want a website designer, or a performance marketer?  If you like the questions, we would like to talk with you, please fill out the form here on the right.

What makes us worthy of a conversation to see if we can work together?

True Marketing Effectiveness comes from the Numbers, Inbound Marketing delivers.

  • Want to reach, engage and sell to a specific target market? 

Your website content needs critical optimization.  To automate your internet marketing and gain the maximum return on your investment, your website architecture needs precise data analysis and understanding to succeed. 

If not, we are not your company

When your goal is to align your online marketing efforts with real world business actions and strategies, then you've come to the right place.

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